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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Tuesday 26th

26 January 1864

Thursday 28th

28 January 1864
27 January 1864
Wednesday 27th

Fine day. The sun begins to shine in cheerfully by the south window at breakfast time. I was very quiet all day, having only a single visitor, a Dr Quimby from New York who brought me a letter from Mr Humphrey of Brookline. I made use of the leisure to write several letters home557 which have been postponed for some weeks. I then read an article in the last number of the Quarterly Review on the Danish question. It is clear, strong and convincing. My sympathy is certainly on that side. The prospect of war appears to grow stronger every day. Lord Palmerston as usual is not to be outdone by the opposition. He may perhaps turn all his sharp comers by means of this expedient. War is always popular here at first. If he seizes the opportunity to dissolve Parliament on that issue, he may get one that will serve for the rest of his career. Mean while the disposition to tamper with America declines. We shall be likely to run our course out for ourselves. The affairs of Europe perhaps task the abilities of the best of them. Quiet walk and evening at home.

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