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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 27th

27 January 1864

Friday 29th

29 January 1864
28 January 1864
Thursday 28th

Variable day with something of a wind which made me think of the travellers who were to cross the channel today. I had a visit only from Mr Weston who has just come over from America. He finds his Uncle Mr Bates much better than he expected. So I went round by his house in my evening walk to call upon him. He certainly has revived quite remarkably. He now walks about freely, his legs and feet are almost natural size, and he breathes more easily. Of course his spirits are better. My work in writing Despatches kept me busy all the morning—and in the evening the party came home all safe and sound and we are more dined sociably at one board. I hope now we may return a little to regular life. The American newspaper came to night and I read as much as my eyes would let me.

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