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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Friday 29th

29 January 1864

Sunday 31st

31 January 1864
30 January 1864
Saturday 30th

Fine but cold. I went out first to look up a pew in the Church at the foot of the place, but could find none that would answer. The truth is that I am a little troubled on this score, as I now have lost mine at Mr Martineau’s, and elsewhere in the vicinity I see nothing to get. Thence to Messr Sotheby’s to look at a collection of English coins which is to be said next week. I seize such an opportunity in order to make myself acquainted with rare coins. This is a fine collection of English silver. I studied for some hours, until it became too cold to be comfortable. In the evening, I went by invitation, with Mrs Adams and Henry to Lady Palmerston’s. Quite an assemblage. Lord and Lady Russell very conspicuous. I went to make my bow to Lord Palmerston. “How d’ye do, Adams.” He asked if I had any late news, and how long it would be to the election of President. I thought he was slightly “distract.” Strangely enough, it seemed to me as if I knew almost every body in the room. The meeting passed as cordial and kindly all round after the absence of the summer, as if it meant something. I suppose as they think American matters are more promising, that the representative is entitled to more cordial treatment. This however is the circle in which I have always been more at home. The coldness is for the most part among the tories, none of whom were present here.

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