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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Saturday 30th

30 January 1864

Monday 1st

1 February 1864
31 January 1864
Sunday 31st

As the day was fine I went with Brooks to the city and attended Divine service at St Michael’s Wood Street. This is another of Wren’s churches, but one of the simplest form and entirely modernized. A plain rectangle with a deep gallery over the door where the organ is placed. The roof supported by capitals without columns which I never like. Light on the east and south side, in abundance, although the interior was illuminated with gas light. The wood work had been dark oak pannels but it had been stained light and spoiled. No great attendance, but much elaborate singing. The preacher’s text was on the fall of Adam, but he seemed to yield to modern geology the belief that death was known among animals before the creation of man. He therefore inferred that the penalty paid by Adam was of the spiritual part. This is the Church where James the 4th of Scotland was said to have been buried. The rest of the day as usual.560

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