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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Monday 1st

1 February 1864

Wednesday 3d.

3 February 1864
2 February 1864
Tuesday 2d.

Chilly, cloudy day. Attended the second day’s sale of Mr Christmas’s coins. The usual attendance. The prices generally quite high. I made some purchases, but not any bargains. The English series naturally attracts a wider list of competitors. Mean while I am gaining much knowledge as I go on. As I walked home I found myself growing stiff in the back, having evidently taken some cold in sitting in that cheerless place. Nevertheless I took a walk round the Regents Park. Dined by invitation with Lord Chief Justice and Lady Turner who live in the ascent not far from us. The company so far as I know it consisted of Sir Robert and Lady Phillimore, Mr and Mrs Charles Turner, Mr Headlam, M P. Count Strelitsky, Miss Campbell, and several others unknown. The Chief Justice of the Common Peas appears to be a very worthy excellent man, one of the friendly kind in this country, The amusing person is the Count, who appears to have a general circulation in society for no particular reason excepting his sprightliness. After dinner, I had some talk with Sir Robert Phillimore upon the legal points in our national relations.563

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