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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Tuesday 2d.

2 February 1864

Thursday 4th

4 February 1864
3 February 1864
Wednesday 3d.

I found myself so stiff in my back and loins as to utterly disable me from farther attendance at the coin sale. Indeed I could not move without pain. Busy reading the new batch of American papers. They show things in the south coming rapidly to a head. I hold it quite doubtful whether they will be able to enter the field once more. Visits from several American as compliments. Henry showed me an extract from his sister Louisa’s letter to him just received, saying that Charles’s furlough for ninety days had been secured. In such case we may fairly expect him over. This brightened me up. Besides which the intelligence of an actual outbreak of hostilities in Denmark seems to make us secure from annoyance during the present Parliament. Indeed the aspect of affairs in Europe is very threatening. Employed myself in numismatic researches. Walk with my daughter around the Park—and evening, read Vanity Fair to the family.

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