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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 16th

16 March 1864

Friday 18th

18 March 1864
17 March 1864
Thursday 17th

Many brief Despatches to be written today, and one or two long ones but the whole was accomplished in pretty good season, so that I went out and took a pretty long walk. My mind a little depressed by the sense of the approaching departure of Charles. His future is a matter of interest to me—for if the war is approaching its termination, as I believe, he will soon be called upon to take up with some other occupation. I fear that his new habits acquired in the careless, improvident condition of a soldier may seriously impede his return to the ordinary path of life. His intellectual cultivation has been suspended and his literary and political associations broken up. With this he has increased the defects of temper and manners which always stood in the way of his advancement at home. I regret these symptoms, as they are obstacles to the attainment of the position which his really noble qualities entitle him to reach. We had company at home today. The archbishop of Canterbury and his daughter Miss Lengley, a very pretty girl and Duchess of Argyll. Lord and Lady Lyveden,605 Lord Chief Justice and Lady Turner with a daughter, Sir Roundell and Lady Palmer, Mr and Mrs Sturgis, Mr T. Baring and Mr Browning. Sir Roundell and Mr Baring were compelled to return to the House early, as the contention is now going on very sharply between the parties, and they expect divisions tonight.

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