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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Thursday 17th

17 March 1864

Saturday 19th

19 March 1864
18 March 1864
Friday 18th

The days are getting fine though the easterly winds make the air chilly. I was very busy in writing my private letters home. These to my son John are particularly important now as I am engaged in some critical dispositions of property to be completed towards the end of next month. The divisions last night are very close. The parties now adjourn for the Easter holidays—a brief truce—but it is very apparent that on their return there will be a renewal of the combat. The expectation is general, that a dissolution will follow a defeat of the affairs will have got so far advanced by the time a change happens, that we shall be safe to Lady Russell’s last reception. It was the dullest of all. I found very few of my acquaintance and was glad to get home. Lord Russell spoke to me of an attack by Lord Clanricard for the enlistments at Queenstown in the Kearsarge. He seemed himself to be somewhat puzzled about the evidence, and said he should like them more clearly explained. I said I would give him all the satisfaction in my power. In truth, it was a piece of folly, much owing to a rather incompetent commander.

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