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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Friday 18th

18 March 1864

Sunday 20th

20 March 1864
19 March 1864
Saturday 19th

A clear, fine day. Had a visit from young Mr Shaw Lefevre who came to make some investigations of our American State papers. He made a good speech in the House of Commons the other day on our affairs, and seems inclined to seek more information. I together with Mrs Adams and Mary and Charles went to the Drawing room held for the Queen by the Princess of Wales. The Corps Diplomatique was in great force, but the general attendance was not great. The presentation lasted only forty five minutes and we were at home by half past three. At this rate, such ceremonies would not come to much.606 On my return I went with my son Brooks to the flower show at teh Botanic gardens. Not a very large attendance, and the display of flowers consisted only of hyacinths, and a few azaleas and camellias— But it was quiet and aided by the fine day as well as a band of music was cheering. I and Mrs Adams dined with Lord and Lady Lyveden. The company consisted of the Duke of St Alban’s, Mr Mrs and Miss Sheriden Sir David Dundas, Mr and Mrs Frederick Peel, Mr Beaumont, and one or two more. It was lively and pleasant enough. Home at eleven.

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