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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Sunday 27th

27 March 1864

Tuesday 29th

29 March 1864
28 March 1864
Monday 28th

A gusty, variable, uncomfortable day. Continued my catalogue of numismatic, a pleasant enough way of passing the holiday of Easter Monday. Yet I was made very uncomfortable by my catarrh. Profound quiet now reigns in Society, a very striking contrast both with what preceded and what is likely to come after. The American news came, and in the evening the letters and papers but not the bag. I had a despatch in cipher by telegraph, which did not disturb me so much as the former one. I took it for granted that it was not material, and when I got it deciphered, found my judgment correct. Mr Seward does not comprehend the precise state of things here, and hence he expects more from agitation than he will be likely to get. This Ministry stands upon no basis broad enough to make engagements with foreign nations. Neither is it likely that any can take its place with more support prior to an appeal to the country, which must inevitably come before long. Mrs Adams got a letter from Charles dated Queenstown yesterday morning at nine. He intimates that he had seen nothing of Mr Yeatman.

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