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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Monday 28th

28 March 1864

Wednesday 30th

30 March 1864
29 March 1864
Tuesday 29th

Another day of sunshine, wind, snow and rain clearing off pretty cold. As the Despatch Agent notified me that an extra bag would be sent to America tomorrow, I seized the opportunity to write one or two private letters and a couple to Mr Seward, in answer to one received this morning. Mr S acknowledges the receipt of my confidential inclosures sent to him on the 25th of last month, but postpones any notice of them until the next which was therein616 announced as about to contain the paper agreed upon should come to hand. This last was sent on the 5th of March, so that it must have been on the eve of arrival at the latest dates. I scarcely know what to expect. For it is plain that as yet on neither side is there the appearance of any relenting. The President is calling for two hundred thousand more men as if he had faith as yet in nothing but force. At the same time I am sending out Mr Elliston, having paid his passage today, by the Steamer of the 2d. of April. I must have patience. It is now just three months since this movement was inaugurated. How far has it got? Only to the point of opening a communication between the real parties. At this rate it will be autumn before they arrive at a result. Next week we shall receive some clue to the policy of the government, which in my opinion has the thing in its hand. The responsibility is prodigious. Went out with Brooks to get some collections of stamps for postage, such as were sent for by John for the use of the Misses Pleasanton. Afterwards a walk round the Regent’s park. Quiet evening, reading Sir Emerson Tennent on guns.

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