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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Sunday 10th

10 April 1864

Tuesday 12th

12 April 1864
11 April 1864
Monday 11th

The steamers from America are very late. Three of them are overdue. The day was summer like, and the whole city under excitement about the reception of Garibaldi. For my part I remained quietly at home engaged upon another letter to Lord Russell on the case of the Kearsarge. A visit from Mr Morse who seldom appears, when he once gets seated, the very busy man he is. There was likewise some of the usual writing to Consuls. In my walk, I noticed a perceptible diminution of the customary pressure in the great thoroughfares of Oxford and Regent Streets—only to be accounted for by the rush to meet Garibaldi. Those who saw it affirm that no similar reception has befallen any one—not even the famous one of the Princess of Wales last year. Brooks returned to school at Twickenham. The other members of the family all dined with Mr and Mrs Lampson. The company consisted of Mr and Mrs Duncan, Mr Morgan, and four other persons not known to me. These dinners are rather dull, it must be confessed. We got home at eleven.

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