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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Monday 11th

11 April 1864

Wednesday 13th

13 April 1864
12 April 1864
Tuesday 12th

The spring is really appearing—but the Steamers are still behind. I succeeded to day in bring up all my arrears of letters. And then went out with Mrs Adams to make some visits which have been some of them long due. First however I called and left my card at Stafford House on Garibaldi. He is the guest of the Duke of Sutherland, no very pleasant morsel for the aristocracy generally. Thence to call on Mr and Mrs Foster. Found her only at home. Talked mainly of Garibaldi, whom Mr F had been to see at the Isle of Wight. Thence to see Mr Senior, who has rallied very much of late, and likes to see visitors. We talked pretty readily and630 showed no symptoms of disease excepting perhaps some flush on the cheeks. He talked of Mexico, and the departure of the Emperor Maximilian. He believed the Austrian family had always been averse to it. I said Yes, But that he himself had from the first been taken by it. Mr S said the plan was not a new one. It originated with a Mexican whose name be mentioned. He had met with him in Paris, and had received his account of it which he had written down. He would shew it to me if I liked. On my expressing curiosity he went into the next room and brought me a book, which proved to be his Diary of last year in Paris. Here was the narration of Don Guttierez de Estrada, which traced his intrigues in this direction all the way back to 1836. He had failed in his first project of setting up the Archduke Frederick of Austria, by reason of the mistakes of Louis Phillipe that led to his down fall. The next attempt made under Santa Anna had been defeated by his fall and by the war with the United States. It was only after the breaking out of the division in 1861 that his hopes revived. He had then set about the work of proposing to Maximilian, who had consented if he could be secure of the support of a French army. All this was curious and interesting. Mr Senior offered to lend me the book, which offer I accepted, and soon afterwards took my leave. From here I went with MrsAdams to Lady Hatherton, and thence walked home. Evening quiet at home.

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