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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Friday 15th

15 April 1864

Sunday 17th

17 April 1864
16 April 1864
Saturday 16th

I was left with some accumulation of business with Lord Russell this morning, so I sat down and worked at several notes to him, which I have been postponing in order to obtain some necessary papers to fortify them. In the present state of things between the countries it is idle to expect more action from this government. All that we can do is to sustain our positions. After luncheon I went out with Mrs Adams and Mary to a private view of the gallery of French and Flemish pictures—and to another of English Water colours. The first collection was not nearly so good as last year. Two historical pictures of Gallais, and two of sheep by Weboclhurn are all that attracted me. Of the water colours I found many. This is the particular style in which the English excel. Long walk afterwards. Dined with Mrs Adams and Mary at Mr & Mrs Laurie’s These are the parents of Charles’s friend Colonel Laurie who dined with us. The company but little known to me. The Lord Mayor, Laurence and his sister, Colonel John Burgoyne, an old and eminent officer of Engineers, and several others. A very elegant entertainment. I found the Mayor and his sister pleasant and my courteous.633

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