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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Saturday 16th

16 April 1864

Monday 18.th

18 April 1864
17 April 1864
Sunday 17th

A clear, fine spring day. I went to the city and attended service in the Church of St Michael Bassishaw. Immediately upon entering I saw that it was of Wren’s designing. It is however rather more regular in design than common with him. The general shape is like of Catherin Cree, where I went last week. This is Grecian throughout. The columns are fully carried up, and there is an arched ceiling above, relieved by rich ornament The broad and side aisles nearly regular. One gallery over the west door. Wood panels but with little carving. Windows on both sides. Great attention always paid to light which is rational and sensible. We value this so little in America, that we make cellars of our churches! Was there ever any thing so absurd as the alteration of Chauncey place! The service much as usual. After luncheon, I walked with Mrs Adams into the park and to the Zoological gardens. Large numbers of people moving about; many waiting at every turn expecting to catch a glance of Garibaldi. In the evening, visits from Mr C. W. Field and Mr Somerby.

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