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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Sunday 17th

17 April 1864

Tuesday. 19th

19 April 1864
18 April 1864
Monday 18.th

Lovely, spring weather. The Newspapers from America arrived. They did not report as I had hoped the arrival of the Persia in New York. Accounts by the previous Steamer had been brought to the 25th of March, which is the day before her sailing from Liverpool. The only items of interest are the result of the Connecticut election which is quite decisive, and the passage of a resolution by a unanimous vote of the House of Representatives, declining to recognize Maximilian, as a Monarch in Mexico. Of the causes which have led to this demonstration I am utterly unable to form an opinion. I shall await the next letters with no small uneasiness. There were many Despatches, the most material of which was the announcement that we have eight hundred thousand men under arm. I hope it may not turn our heads. Went with the ladies to see at the Jewellers the gold box given by the City with its freedom to Garibaldi, who makes a furore wherever he goes. Then to Cremorne to see a dog show. Twelve hundred of all breeds, from the longest to the smallest. Curious but painful from the incessant barking and yelping. Walked around the gardens which are full of palte brand and glass for night effect. Quiet evening at home.634

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