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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 25th

25 May 1864

Friday 27th

27 May 1864
26 May 1864
Thursday 26th

I received a note from the Count de Paris so kindly and earnestly requesting me to reconsider my decision and removing the obstacles to my acceptance so much that I can do no otherwise than go. My morning busy with Despatches. They were less numerous and important than they have been. The sale of the rams to the government had cleared that difficulty from my path. If the war were only over I should be easy, and prepare to wind up my mission with credit. Went out to make some purchases, and to call upon Mrs Pendleton and her daughter who brought a letter from Mr Kennedy. They are on the point of going away, being evidently not pleased with London. Were at the Derby yesterday, which they did not relish. There was a son who had been in the army, but was just married and coming on a tour. Dined with Mr and Mrs Charles Turner. Mrs Adams went but Mary declined. The company consisted of Mr Hargreave, Lady Alderson and her daughter, Mr Cardwell, Mr Weston, Mr Campbell, and others I did not know. Rather dull. We went from here to a reception at Mrs Morse’s. A fair collection of Americans. We got home at about midnight.

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