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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Thursday 26th

26 May 1864

Saturday 28th

28 May 1864
27 May 1864
Friday 27th

The newspapers brought details of the news we have had, which show our success to have been more brilliant than we had supposed. The fearful carnage however is one of the dreadful drawbacks on exultation. When will it end? The prospect looks dark just now. At noon we got accounts by the Scotia of some reverses to make up a balance. So that our exultation must be constantly kept within bounds. I wrote my customary letters. Called on M Van de Weyer to ask about details as to the ceremony at Kingston and Claremont on Monday. I twill be a hard day, as there is to be a ball at Ham in the evening. A visit from Mr Bright, who came to say something on behalf of a man by name McHugh who has been in prison in America for his dealing with the rebels. I intimated my conviction that the government entertained no desire to keep any one confined who had not done something very flagrant to deserve it. Wrote to my two sons, but was compelled to postpone other letters. This likewise rather shortened30 my walk. We had a quiet dinner and evening at home a great luxury in the midst of the season. I am thoroughly weary of the recurrence of this round of forms, among a society in which there is little sympathy or good will. Yet there are two long months to the end.

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