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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Tuesday 31st

31 May 1864

Thursday 3d.

3 June 1864
1 June 1864
Wednesday 1st

The morning broken up by the necessity of making ready to attend the Levee held by the Prince of Wales. Mr Moran accompanied me. Less excitement than usual in the neighborhood, and a smaller attendance of Officials inside. I passed in the customary order, shook hands with the Prince and the Duke of Cambridge, and most of the members of the Corps. The greater part of the presentations were Officers. So we got back in forty minutes. Visits at home from Mr T G Appleton and Mr and Mrs Lloyd Aspinwall. Walk afterwards—and then to dinner at Mr W. E Forester’s, with Mrs Adams. The company consisted of Mr and Miss Arnold, the mother and sister of Mrs Forster, Mr and Mrs Dillwyn, Mr Baxter, and some others unknown. It was rather pleasant. Hence to a small reception at Mrs Sheridan’s. Nobody there that I knew but Mr Calvert. Thence to Lady Derby’s, where was a great crush. We were nearly an hour getting to the door—and a quarter of an hour getting up the staircase. By that time it was so late that we found the rooms empty. This is the satisfaction of a London route.

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