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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 1st

1 June 1864

Friday 3d.

3 June 1864
3 June 1864
Thursday 3d.

The recurrence of this day of the week brings its average of labor, whether the Despatches from home be numerous or not. These are occasionally letters to be written officially to other persons, as well as the confidential correspondence. This day I drew up a report of my last conference with Mr Scott Russell, relating to the position of Mr Yeatman. My hopes in that quarter have gone down to nothing. Meanwhile the fighting is going on with great severity and with various success. The accounts come colored by the malignity of the correspondence of the Times, in such a way as to keep up the hopes of the sympathizers here. We had a dinner at home today. Sir Emerson, Lady and Miss Tennent, Mr Mrs & Miss Morgan, Col and Mrs Pakenham, Mr and Mrs Atkinson, Mr Schleiden, Sir Charles Wyke, Mr Appleton, Mr Weston, Mr Arthur Russell and Miss Dayton. For a wonder, Mr Morgan did not tell me any discouraging news. The telegraph had come too early this time. He goes to America tomorrow not to return for a couple of months. The company went off late.39

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