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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Friday 3d.

3 June 1864

Sunday 5th

5 June 1864
4 June 1864
Saturday 4th

The newspapers came from America this morning, and absorbed some time. They give full accounts of the war in Virginia, and leave us in suspense. The most material information relates to the movements of General Sherman which thus far have been rapid and successful. The inference is that the rebel force has mostly been drawn to Richmond. Mr F M Johnson and his son came to see me. He wanted a passport for the latter whom he is about to send to school at Frankfort. I then went out with the ladies to see the private view of the Exhibition at the British Institution. The collection is not so fine as in previous years, but still contains many good things. Some fine Van Dykes a couple of landscapes by Hobbema, one or the of Cruyp, and a number by Romney and Gainsborough which seem to me far superior to the modern school of English painting. On the whole this show pleases me best of all that are made at this season. From thence to see Dr and Mrs Clark from Boston who are the Westminster palace Hotel. Long walk home through Hyde Park which was very full. Evening quietly at home. Whilst with the children.

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