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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Saturday 4th

4 June 1864

Monday 6th

6 June 1864
5 June 1864
Sunday 5th

A clear and fine day. I attended Divine service at St Clave’s, Old Jewry. This is one of Wren’s churches, but I think one of the least interesting— The shape a plain rectangle, with a gallery that looks heavy on the West end. The Walls plain, bare and dirty. The sides and pews panneled in dark oak. The windows numerous on three sides but yielding less light, partly because placed very high, and partly because obstructed by edifices too near to them. The attendance very small. The preacher took for his text the passage from the parable of the feast—“And they began with one consent to make excuse,” a fine topic but not treated remarkable. The fall is easy into the merest common-place. Afternoon a walk with Brooks to the Zoological gardens. The pleasant day had its effect upon the beasts, who seemed to enjoy the water. The bath of the great elephant in company with the small one was amusing. On our return, I found encouraging news from home. In the evening, a visit from Mr and Mrs Parkes, and two friends.41

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