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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Tuesday 14th

14 June 1864

Thursday 16th

16 June 1864
15 June 1864
Wednesday 15th

The morning papers certain the accounts from America, which instead of being unfavorable, so far as they go indicate a most steady perseverance in the movement of the two great armies. So my anonymous friend in his remarks last night only showed his teeth. I went into the City to visit the Barings on one of my customary errands. In coming home fell into a heavy shower from which I sought protection in a shop. Spent an hour or two of leisure in pursuing numismatics. Then a walk, in the course of which I stepped in to a Jeweller’s, and purchased some diamonds for Mrs Adams. With Mrs Adams I went to dine with Mr and Mrs Pender. Of the company I knew only Sir Emerson, Lady and Miss Tennent. I caught also the names of Lord Morley and his Wife, son and daughter. Rather dull. Mr Pender is a wealthy, self made merchant, who is ambitious of shining in society. He had succeeded in getting into Parliament, and now he is establishing a house. He has just purchased the late Mr Edward Ellice’s. Just as I was going downstairs one of the gentlemen whose name was unknown to me came forward and expressed his great desire to acknowledge the effects I had made to keep the peace between the two countries. I thanked him for his great civility, and we returned home.

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