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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 15th

15 June 1864

Friday 17th

17 June 1864
16 June 1864
Thursday 16th

A rather quiet day devoted to the preparation of Despatches. I likewise had visits from Mr George D Phelps who brought me strong letters, Mr Forbes from India, Mr Beehwith and Mr Sanford. The latter has just arrived from America, and brings the latest accounts. They are encouraging. I had previously been reading the files of newspapers. But even the best is said. What an awful scourge is war, and how mad are men to engage in it! Yet the more I see of the Southern character, the more I am convinced that it must be humbled to ensure us any safety for the future. The domineering spirit of the slave master glares out from every loophole. The pressure upon him never was so intense as at present. In the evening I went above to Mrs Moffat’s where was a meeting of the Society of the Fine Arts, and an exhibition of silver and china curious works. rather interesting. Walked him in the bright moonlight.50

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