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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Sunday 19th

19 June 1864

Tuesday 21st

21 June 1864
20 June 1864
Monday 20th

The mail from America brought interesting letters. One from Charles which is very cheering. Although the struggle at Richmond is severe, I do not yet see cause why it should not in the end be successful. The newspapers however contain details of slaughter which is very sad. How much longer is it to go on? I had visits from Mr Sanford and Mr Charles Hales as well as some others. The excitement about the naval battle of yesterday is considerable. The pirate was no match for our vessel in gunnery. But the sympathy here is enlisted for the rogue and not the honest party. Miss Dayton left us today, to our regret. Mrs Adams and I dined with Mr Thomas Baring. Lord and Lady Grey, Lord and Lady Cranworth, Sir Edmund and Lady Head, Mr and Mrs Bingham Mildmay and Sir William Alexander made the company. The house and entertainment are the most attractive in London. The gallery contains many fascinating pictures. Afterwards with the children to Lady Lyveden’s, and afterwards to Miss Coutts’s. I enquired both of Mr Hayward and Mr Bille as to the prospects of the Conference, in its last meeting on Wednesday. Both declared it far from bright. The Prussians elated by success went the sympathy of the Queen. I still think they will not persevere.

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