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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Monday 20th

20 June 1864

Wednesday 22d.

22 June 1864
21 June 1864
Tuesday 21st

Rather a quiet day. I prepared letters to Captain Winslow to congratulate him upon his success, and to Mr Seward to report the intelligence. The newspapers are now full of it, but all of them deceiving their information from rebel sources. It is amusing to notice the developement made of the temper here. Although the precedent of this vessel’s course is one of the most dangerous possible to this people, yet they overlook it all in their mortification at our success. Some day, they may have occasion to repent at leisure. There is some talk of elevating Captain Semmes into a hero. The effect such a proceeding will have in America may be imagined. I wish the war were ended, before this mutual invitation gets beyond control. Took my regular walk, stopping at the Bath Hotel to see Mr Watts, a Philadelphia gentleman who is there. A visit from Lady Howard de Walden about signals at sea. She appears to be an inventor. I promised to consider her ease. Evening quiet at home.53

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