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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Tuesday 21st

21 June 1864

Thursday 23.d

23 June 1864
22 June 1864
Wednesday 22d.

The morning broken up by the necessity of attending the last levee of the season, which was held by the Prince of Wales. Much as usual. The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge shook hands with me. I presented Mr Charles Hale. The attendance of distinguished people rather small. I noticed the same industry and absorption among the members of the Corps Diplomatique with Lords Russell and Clarendon which has been visible on these occasions since the conference met. It is understood that they reassemble at three o’clock, in order to arrive at some final conclusion. Returned home in half an hour. Then a walk to Wood’s Hotel. Furnival’s Inn to pay a visit to Messr Phelps and Bellows. I had today visits from Messr Williams from Boston Quiet evening at home.

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