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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Friday 24th

24 June 1864

Sunday 26th

26 June 1864
25 June 1864
Saturday 25th

Drew up my note to Lord Russell and then went to the City for the purpose of seeing Mr Morse and drawing some money. The former was ill at home so that I could not accomplish any errand. Walked back by way of Sotheby’s auction rooms for the purpose of examining a collection of English coins to be sold next week. They are well worthy of examination, as no expense seems to have been spared in obtaining them. Here is the gold penny of Henry the 3d, the Quarter florin of Edward 3d, the Oxford Crown of Charles 1st and the petition and reddite crowns of Charles 2d. All these are wholly outside of the limit of my ambition, but I was glad to be able to say that I had seen and handled such rarities. The whole collection furnishes an example of the fastidious taste of the wealthy English in selections. There is hardly a coin that is not fine—and very few that are not rare. Without expecting to buy much myself in the competition which I foresee, it much improves my acquaintance with the whole subject to inspect such collections. Got home at five o’clock.56 Went out to dinner at Mr Moffat’s. The company so far as I knew it consisted of Baron Bentinck, the Netherland Minister, Mr and Mrs Goschen, Col’ Seymour, Mr and Mrs Milner Gibson. Nothing beyond the ordinary. From thence to the Dean of Westminster’s. Mr Stanley. A small company. I questioned Lord Houghton about the state of things. He seemed to think there would be no war policy, and the cabinet would be sustained. I infer the adoptive of half way measures that will satisfy nobody.

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