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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Saturday 25th

25 June 1864

Monday 27th

27 June 1864
26 June 1864
Sunday 26th

Went with Brooks who is at home this Sunday to the city to church. It was this time to St Mary, Aldermary. One of Sir Christopher’s, but not in his favorite style. He never fancied the Gothic fully enough to master its details. He was compelled in this instance to follow the will of the person who contributed the funds for the erection. His passion for light is wholly at war with that style. He had it here evidently on three sides. But a late renovation has made many changes, and especially blocked up all of one side, and substituting coves in the ceiling over that aisle, with glass. It is a spacious and handsome interior, the ceiling unsupported by thin columns four together, and the pointed arch. The walls are panneled with oak for eight feet and there is some carving on the pulpit and pews. We said in the comfortable old square pew to the desk The person officiating looked young. His sermon below the average, and so short that we got to my house by railway as soon as the people got out from the neighboring Church. Quiet afternoon. The bag came towards seven o’clock, with several letters from Charles, which are highly interesting. He has much faith in General Grant. The accounts however leave him in a very critical movements, for the issue of which I am somewhat anxious. If Lee does not take advantage of it for a desperate blow to save himself, I shall infer that his forces are running down in numbers too fast too risk it. We were quiet at dinner, but in the evening, we had Mr and Mrs Bates, Mr Somerby and Mr Parkes. The latter quiet as intolerable as usual. He is one type of the Englishman which likes to say illrelishing things. Another is the bully, which he is not. Mr Pruyn also came in.57

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