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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Tuesday 5th

5 July 1864

Thursday 7th

7 July 1864
6 July 1864
Wednesday 6th

There is an interval of quiet just now which leaves some time on my hands in the early part of the week. The telegraphic intelligence from America looked unfavorable but the newspapers which came quickly to hand modified its effect. At the same time it is clear that the next Steamer is likely to bring important results. General Grant is developing his plans in a manner to force an issue. I devoted a little while to my Catalogue of English coins, which is gradually approaching completion. Afterward a long walk, executing some commissions on my way. In the evening at a reception at Lady Belper’s. Found many people whom I knew, and had some talk about public affairs. The impression seemed to be that the government had suffered in last night’s debate, and the majority if any, would be insignificant. My present notion is that a dissolution is inevitable. It might be better for us that it should be put off another year. But in the present state of opinion, and in the face of continental embarrassments perhaps it may make little difference.

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