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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 6th

6 July 1864

Friday 8th

8 July 1864
7 July 1864
Thursday 7th

Quiet day, devoted in part to my coin catalogue. There were visitors however who absorbed a great deal of time. I likewise made up the details of my account books for the last financial year. In regard to young Mr Bancroft, who came to tell me his painful private history and to ask of me some little assistance, I got a note from Mr Sturgis saying that he66 had been accommodated. Quiet walk and evening— The temperature was so soft that after driving in the carriage with Mrs Adams to pay some visits, I got out and walked over Westminster Bridge and back by the Waterloo. I observed the progress of the embankment on the north side. It is a great work, and the wonder is that it had not been though of long ago. The river is becoming so much of a nuisance in the summer season that it is expedient on all accounts to keep the banks well covered and under the operation of strong currents. On my return I was attracted to a crowd in the Strand who were looking at the ruins of the Savoy Chapel which had just been consumed by fire. I attended service there two or more years ago. Fires are very destructive in this place.

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