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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Friday 15th

15 July 1864

Sunday 17th

17 July 1864
16 July 1864
Saturday 16th

We had to breakfast this morning Mr and Mrs Cobden, Mr and Mrs J. C Bates, Mr Browning, making it with ourselves twelve at table. It was pleasant enough, but absorbed so much time that I found myself hurried for the rest of the day. The story of the seafight proves to be a canard, and our English friends must wait a little longer to heal their wounded pride. I had a visit from Baron Gerolt, who has just arrived from Washington. He professes to think the struggle practically decided. On the other hand, the Africa brings accounts of the appearance of Early’s division at Harper’s ferry, threatening a raid into Pennsylvania, and something of a panic in consequence. We must wait to learn how far this may prove successful as a diversion. The other news is favorable—for General Sherman has pressed his opponent back from his intrenchments over the Chattahoohic, and will now be soon on his line to Atalanta Whilst General Grant appears to be steadily executing his plan of insulating Richmond by destroying all its railway communications with the south. My examination of the75 America files confirms my confidence in our power to persevere. General Grant is not the man who wants the will to do so. In the afternoon I walked down to look at another collection of the coins of General Drummond, being the closing sale of the season. It was so late however that I could go over only a portion of it. Whilst there, my attention was called to an array of books to be sold among which for the first time, perfect copies were shown to me of the first three folio editions of Shakespeare’s plays. Also the first edition of the poem of Tarqueira and Lucrece in duodecino. These are rarities which will being enormous prices from the wealthy competitors of this country. Quiet evening at home.

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