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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Saturday 16th

16 July 1864

Monday 18th

18 July 1864
17 July 1864
Sunday 17th

Just as I was making ready to go to Church the Despatch bag came and the contents had me busy until too late to go. The general tenor is encouraging, though there is always enough of mixture of either fortune in the details to continue the anxiety. The appointment of Mr Fesseden to the Treasury is on the whole an advantage. He will have a difficult task, but he has an advantage in his previous familiarity with the subjects through his position in the Senate which may smooth his road for him. After luncheon, I drove with Mrs Adams, Mr Kuhn and Louisa to Pembroke Lodge, to visit Lord and Lady Russell. Many persons there. Lady Russell intimated that she had been wondering at our long absence. They were kind and pleasant as usual. Lord Russell mentioned the receipt of a despatch from Lord Lyons speaking of the report of two French Officers who had just come from a visit of examination of the Army of the Potomac and who were surprised at its fine condition after so much of rough service. This was evidently in kindness. Baron Brunnow was there, as also Sir Charles and Lady Mary Wood, Lord and Lady Dufferia, and many young gentlemen. He took tea and returned, but on our way a light shunt overtook us, which rendered it necessary to stop at a public house on the way, and change our arrangements. The carriage has full protection for two persons, so Mrs Adams and Louisa after the night of the shower was over went on. We drove to the Barnes Station in a huid carriage and home by railways. In the evening visits from Mr Parkes and Mr Tailer.76

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