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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Monday 18th

18 July 1864

Wednesday 20th

20 July 1864
19 July 1864
Tuesday 19th

A very sultry day. At an early hour I went to the city to get some money at the house of the Barings, and from thence to the sale of the Drummond collection of coins The usual presence of dealers, with Mr Addington, who did not bid at all. This simple fact had a great effect on the sale—so that many of the same coins sold at Murchison’s, went for much less money. The heat of the weather and the lateness of the season may have done something to the same result. Walk home rather fatigued and remained quiet, the rest of the evening. The late loss of Mrs Frothingham renders us all disinclined to frequent places of gaiety. My spirits all day rather depressed.

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