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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Tuesday 19th

19 July 1864

Thursday 21.st

21 July 1864
20 July 1864
Wednesday 20th

The heat and draught continues. The effect is to make the grass as brown as it is with us in August, and the leaves are prematurely dropping from the trees. Abandoned the attempt further to attend the coin sale, though it may be the last opportunity I shall have during my stay here. A few orders I left with Mr Cart. Continued my work on my Catalogue, which is constantly extended by my new purchases. My English series has been very much enlarged during the present season and is now satisfactory. The American news today still helps us in a little anxiety about the extent of the expedition to77 Maryland. It is reported as having occupied Fredericktown, and being about to advance. The question of the effectiveness of the diversion remains yet unsettled. There are not many indications of panic. In other respects, the accounts are favorable. General Grant will soon make a demonstration, if not interfered with. General Lee has taken an enormous risk upon himself. Fortune may favour him again as she has several times before, bu the chances are rather against him. Little or no business—and quiet evening.

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