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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Saturday 23d.

23 July 1864

Monday 25th

25 July 1864
24 July 1864
Saturday 24th
Norman Court

Sultry day, but it is refreshing to look on the quiet beauty of this place far away from the smoke and dirt of London. We attended Divine service in the little church, as before, and the preacher attempted the text of the “still small voice” with the customary luck. The commander of the day passed in conversation, sitting under the trees in the open air, or in a rather long stroll about the grounds. In the evening the casual amusement in country houses, of ghost stories and conundrums. On the whole I enjoyed this relaxation. But I should have done so far more, if I had not recollected too distinctly the circumstances which attended my last visit, and associated them with those the present time. It was then that the accounts came of the most disastrous period of the war the defeat of General Pope, and the first invasion of Maryland. Singularly enough the third invasion is now in process of execution; and thought it is now in much less force, and with79 far less cause for apprehension, yet the means to resist it are far less directly at hand, unless a draft be made on General Grants force, which would be much to be regretted. Quiet night.

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