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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Saturday 24th

24 July 1864

Tuesday 26th

26 July 1864
25 July 1864
Monday 25th
Norman Court

A damp, cloudy day with gentle rain towards night. A portion of our party left us in the morning to return to town—so that we had only Mr and Mrs Hankey remaining. This is one of the incidents of a visit in the country which is not pleasing. There is always a feeling of a bleak remaining, that is, if the set prove agreeable. The news from America came also, and thought not pleasant, indicated the raid to be over without m ore effects than temporary damage. So I felt more easy in my mind, and broke an unpleasant association of ideas. My morning passed rather quickly—for I got hold of one of the volumes of a large collection of autograph letters accompanied by prints of noted Englishmen of the last century. Some of the most so is one from Lord Bute on or about the time of his retreat from power. In the afternoon took a walk which was a little shortened by the rain. Evening, whist. This mode of life is pleasant for a time, but it does not occupy my mind enough. The feeling of occupation is what has kept me up through all my trials since I have been here. I could not remain as some americans do without any pursuit but that of amusement.

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