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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Friday 29th

29 July 1864

Sunday 31st

31 July 1864
30 July 1864
Saturday 30th

For the fourth time in my mission we now pass from the season of Parliament to that of repose. The anxiety about the agitation of the American question by the numerous and not uninfluential sympathizers with the rebels is over for one year. I can not look back to my first season without having to feel grateful at the course which things have taken, and at the relief which has been extended to me through so long and so trying a period. I now trust that we may ready a favorable termination of the strife at so early a moment as to release me from a continuance at this post, before another season. Mary is getting better rapidly, though I fear she will be left a little delicate. I had some visits and after luncheon went out Mr Kuhn, to the gallery of the British Institution, order to let him see the pictures before it should close. On my return I finished up making my entries for the Quarterly returns sent by my son— Quiet evening.

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