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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Saturday 30th

30 July 1864

Monday 1st

1 August 1864
31 July 1864
Sunday 31st

Warm day— The extraordinary drought continues. It threatens to shorten the grain crops, and to destroy the spring sowing of turnips. and other roots. I went to the city and attended servic at the Church of St Margaret, Lothbury. This is one more of Sir Christopher’s plans. I recognized it readily from the row of round windows on the north side. The construction is simple, a rectangle, without columns— Pilasters of the Corinthian order on the walls, a curved ceiling, and gallery on the east side, as well as over the door. Pews, Altar, pulpit and wainscot of oak. Large windows on the south and one over the altar. For a wonder the attendance pretty full. Sermon fair— At home I found the Speaker paying a take leave visit. After luncheon, accompanied Mr and Mrs Kuhn to the Zoological gardens, and reviewed the beasts. The warm weather forced many into the water. Two young rhinoceroses and an Auran Outang the novelties. The last is a curious type of approximation to man. A meditative countenance almost denoting reason, with all the habits of a mere animal. From here we took a short drive around Highgate and Hampstead, home. Little show of English verdure now. Quiet evening. Visit from Mr Jenkins.83

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