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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Sunday 31st

31 July 1864

Tuesday 2d.

2 August 1864
1 August 1864
Monday 1st

The morning brought the Despatches and the letters. When these come together and the newspapers too, it causes some little excitement. The most remarkable part of the intelligence is the attempt to open a negotiation for peace by some leading rebels on the Canada frontier. It is the first symptom of returning reason. The project attributed to them is evidently modified from that found here by Mr Russell. From the names of the men, Messr C C Clay, Jeff Thompson and George N Saunders, I scarcely expect good faith. other people must interpose before the thing can take root. I was engaged in preparing my Despatches of the week in anticipation of my going away on Wednesday. The Dr is so strenuous about getting Mary away, that I have decided to leave rather sooner than I intended. A visit from Mr Burch, the Consul at Cardiff. Evidently a raw hand. A long walk with Mr Kuhn around St James’s Park, to Pimlico, Belgravia and through Hyde Park home. The town is already cleared of its fashionables. On our way we learned by the posters of reported successes of General Sherman. I cannot help trusting that the end is now approaching. But there must be many intervening steps. A letter from Charles today mentions his being ill of the malaria of the country, but better. I have much feared this for him. Quiet evening.

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