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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Friday 12th

12 August 1864

Sunday 14th

14 August 1864
13 August 1864
Saturday 13th

I tried with Brooks to find a better bathing place in vain, so we used to the old one. Shortly after breakfast we took our departure from Bedgellert, in the usual way. The posting was short, about fourteen miles, to Llanberis, but through a most interesting region. We went nearly round Snowden, by a91 very gradual ascent, passing successively two lovely lakes, until we reached a very high elevation at a place with a singular Welsh name. From thence we began our descent through what is known as the pass of Llanberis, a wild and striking scene, much resembling what we in America denominate a notch, until we reached the hotel situated between two small lakes. Here we established ourselves very comfortably. I walked out to examine the ruins of Dolbadarn castle, a picturesque relic standing in a height near the house. Evidently one of the earlier of forts indicating a rude and disturbed social state. Then I ascended a neighboring height to see a fall of water, small in volume, but rather pretty. The long absence of vain makes the mountain streams less imposing but it does not on the whole diminish their beauty. I sat by this at a point somewhat above the stream, wrapped up in that kind of listless reverie, which contains at my age about as much of negative happiness as is given to sinful man on this habitation. Quiet evening.

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