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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Saturday 13th

13 August 1864

Monday 15th

15 August 1864
14 August 1864
Sunday 14th

The boys ascended Snowden early this morning but with no satisfactory result, as the haze obscured the view. I rather eschew such ascents in a deliberate way. They seldom compensate for the labor. I preferred a bath in the Lake, though the place was not convenient. It is remarkable that at places of popular resort like this, so little attention should be paid to this, especially when provision could be so easily made. Attended Divine service in a little Church hard by. It was a dissenting Chapel used by the Welsh for worship in their own language. In the season of visitors here an arrangement is made for a service in English. Accordingly as I walked up a few minutes before eleven, I heard through the open door the preacher closing his sermon in Welsh soon after which the congregation came out to give place to us. The place was small and plain. Perhaps thirty present. A respectable looking man, evidently a stranger led the service after the simple congregational manner, which I like more and more as I grow out of the vanities of life. His sermon familiar and commonplace. As the day was warm I remained quiet at home until towards evening, when I went with Mrs Adams to see the Falls. Here we met with Mr Twisleton and Mrs S. Parkman who prove to be at our Hotel.92

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