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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Monday 15th

15 August 1864

Wednesday 17th

17 August 1864
16 August 1864
Tuesday 16th

I wandered in quest of another place for a bath, and after some labor in descending found a very sequestered nook, where the water deepened quickly, but on the whole it id not pay for the93 toil in getting down and back again. At breakfast we got some American news of a failure of General Grant of Petersburg with heavy loss. This was the more provoking as the accounts of last evening, of the success in springing his mine had led to us to hope a bitter issue. It had the effect of depressing one all day, particularly as it came attended with rumors of a renewal of the raid into Maryland, and of an interview between the President and General Grant which was supposed at New York to imply retreat from Richmond. This would indeed be disastrous—and though I do not believe it, the very possibility annoyed me. Sir Robert Collier invited us down to see his sketches— They are very pretty. I walked over the bridge and gradually ascended to the top of the opposite height. It was very warm, and the view gave me no variety of effects. The truth is that in mountain scenery, a pass between heights soon tries. It gives but two roads and these both of one character. The family desired to remain, so I assented. But in my opinion we should have lost nothing by going. On my return to the hotel, I read through a volume of Archbishop Whately’s remains, or fragmentary Essays. They disappoint me throughout. Refining rather than philosophical. Another visit to the Falls with my Wife. In the evening, returned the visit of Sir Robert Collier. He had two other artists with him, Mr Eastlake, and somebody else.

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