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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Tuesday 16th

16 August 1864

Thursday 18th

18 August 1864
17 August 1864
Wednesday 17th

The hot weather gave way this morning, so that it was under a cold and sharp mind that I took my last bath in Lake at Lanberis. It was however the best of them all. Soon after breakfast we took our departure, in our usual fashion of posting, fifteen miles to Bangor. So far as it led on the road to Canrarvon, it was very dusty and uncomfortable, but from the point of divergence it became pleasant again. The Country is no longer striking but it is rural and pretty. At Bangor, we got lodgings at the Penrhyn Arms, after which I went out at once to see all that I could of it. The Cathedral is low and meagre, though it dates from very early. The country was poor, and wild, and all the structures were made strong and simple. From thence I walked with Brooks to see the bridges over the Menai Straits. One of these is a suspension with a very wide spring and at a great height from the water.94 It was esteemed a great wander until eclipsed by its neighbor, a tubular bridge devised by the engineer R. Stephenson, to establish the railway communication with Ireland, through Holyhead. Of the two the first still maintains supremacy as a picturesque object, whilst large vessels float under it like small ones. The other is perhaps the greatest feat of engineering in modern times. We returned to the Hotel in season for dinner, immediately after which I drove to the Station, and started for London.

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