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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 17th

17 August 1864

Friday 19th

19 August 1864
18 August 1864
Thursday 18th

My companions in the night train were not interesting. The only one who diverted me was a youth loaded with two miniature vessels fully rigged, and a hamper, the contents of which betrayed itself at dawn by a feeble crow. I was at my door at about six o’clock, and spent this my birth day in resolutely devoting myself to arrears of work. There was much to do as well in answering Despatches as in writing notes to Lord Russell, and to numbers of individuals The principal point of news from home is the appointment of Mr Moran, as Secretary in the room of Mr Wilson, who has returned home. Towards evening I took a long and solitary walk. The west end is now pretty nearly deserted, and Hyde Park no longer flourishes with its myriads of equipages and pedestrians— Yet to my taste this is no drawback— I dined alone, and worked hard all the evening. On these successive anniversaries, the reflection presses on me with increasing force, that I am nearing the end of my race. God has been very bountiful to me and has protected me and mind through a period now equalling an ordinary generation. As I look to the condition of my country, my hopes yet continue that we may see our way to an early restoration of peace and prosperity—though I cannot deny to myself that my fears of a less favorable issue are increasing. The desire to be relieve from this unpleasant mission is growing, though I shall not seek it until I find that my country is ready to grant it.

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