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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Thursday 18th

18 August 1864

Saturday 20th

20 August 1864
19 August 1864
Friday 19th

Continued my labors on my private letters assiduously. And went to Messr Barings in the city to transact some business and get funds. Casually Mr Sturgis apprised me of the fact that I had received a degree at Harvard College, of Doctor of Laws. Subsequently I found95 a notice of it at home in the Daily Advertiser of Boston. It is a little singular that I should have had no intelligence whatever of this either from the Faculty itself, or from private hand. In itself the incident is not material. Yet I confess I am glad to have a record in the catalogue of that Institution, of the fact that its highest honor has been award to three generations of the family in succession. I had a visit from Mr Crewdy who is going to the United States, and wishes letters. At the solicitation of Mr Thomas Hughes, a good friend of America, I gave him one to Mr Seward. Mr Henry T. Parker came in about the pamphlets of Mr Bemis, which have somehow or other missed their way to London. The work having been all done, and the bag despatched, I decided not to await the arrival of the Steamer. So after dinner I went to the North Western Station and took the train to Conway.

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