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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Saturday 20th

20 August 1864

Monday 22d

22 August 1864
21 August 1864
Sunday 21st

The day being fine I started after breakfast with Brooks, and we walked to Llandudno three miles off. It had rained in the night, so that the road was rather wet. This is nothing but a creation for the convenience of idlers in the summer season. A small day, flanked on each end by a high promontory furnishes a beach for bathers, whilst the residences are constructed in a single row directly in front. There is a proximity to the bathing, especially of the naked men on the right side, which is rather more startling than common, even in England, where much liberty is permitted. I am not however aware that any bad consequences to morals have followed. Female misconduct in the middle and higher classes is exceptional, and less flagrant when it occurs than it used to be. We went to the Great Omne’s Head where the marine view is fine, following the path until we came to the Church of St Tudno, which is on the height, and thence we crossed over to the turn again. We had tried to get lodgings here for next week but found it impossible. I drove home with Mr Kuhn and Mary who had come from Conway at a later hour. Returned just in time to attend the English service at the church, an old and curious edifice. Attendance very full. I like the evening service much better than that of the morning. It is more broad and less doctrinal. The sermon was an appeal for contribution to a missionary society. It was a singular case of narrow exposition of charity. The ground taken that the object was to aid the English emigrants belonging to the English church. I did not feel prompted to contribute any thing to such an address. Last Sunday, I gave the modest solicitation of the Dissenters at Llanberis, half a crown. To day, I almost grudged a single shilling. The Episcopal Church is gradually getting better of its bigotry and pride—But the process is slow. In the evening I took a pretty walk with Mrs Adams.97

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