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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Sunday 21st

21 August 1864

Tuesday 23d

23 August 1864
22 August 1864
Monday 22d

Mr Kuhn arranged for me a little expedition by boat from here to Beaumaris, whilst the family transferred themselves to Llanwrst. We started at about eleven, but the boat was rather heavy and the wind light, so that with the use of our sails and three oars we were yet more than three hours making fifteen miles. The trip was however easy and pleasant. It gave us a fine view of the river and bay with the Great Omne’s head on one side and striking promontory of Penmannaur on the other side. We landed at Beaumaris and visited the ruins of the Castle, which are exceeding pretty. They are not on the great scale of Carnarvon and Conway, but made a compact and rather elegant structure. It would seem as if at a former time the water must have come to the walls. Otherwise it would have been very open to attack on the land side. The place has all the ornament and relief which care and the training of ivy can give it. Finding that a return by water would bring us home very late, we crossed over to Bangor left the boat, and took the train to Conway. Here we stopped at the Post Office to get the letters from London, which caused our losing the connection with Llanwrst. And as waiting for the next train would make us very late, we hired an open vehicle and drove over, arriving there at a quarter to eight, just as the family were seated at dinner. We went up on the opposite side of the river to that on which the railroad runs—and admired very much the beauty of the Valley.

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