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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Tuesday 30th

30 August 1864

Thursday 1st

1 September 1864
31 August 1864
Wednesday 31st

The post brought the American letters. My son John’s is more croaking than usual even for him. He says that the Administration will not be continued, which is likewise intimated from other sources. The talk of pacification is increasing. To me this is of interest only on the public account—for I am thoroughly wary of this position. Mr Lincoln has not certainly been all that we could wish as a President, but he has proved much better than I feared. We shall soon know who his competitor is to be, and whether he is likely to be an better. I took a plunge bath in the great reservoir, which was hardly cold enough. The day cleared beautifully, and I walked to Warwick, the rest of the party on horseback or in carriages. We visited the castle again, and I was more stuck with its beauty and elegance than when I saw it first three years ago. Ever work of art almost is a gem—and the surroundings are so charming. How much more attractive than Eaton Hall. I admired the Raphael more this time, though the Madonna is certainly below the mark. Yet even here the family remain little. After a visit to a curious Antiquarian establishment full of rarities of Virtu, I returned in the carriage with the ladies. I was glad that this second visit had not impaired the pleasant associations connected with the first.104

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