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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1864

Wednesday 31st

31 August 1864

Friday 2d.

2 September 1864
1 September 1864
Thursday 1st

Up early on this magnificent morning to take the first train for London. Thus I finish the fourth and I think the last of the systematic excursions we have made in this Island. On the whole we have seen a great proportion of all that is worth seeing. To me they have been uniformly agreeable. We have always been favored by weather, but never so much as this time. I shall think of Wales as a land of sunshine and blue sky whilst many travellers remember it only as dark and gloomy with clouds and rain, I reached Portland place by noon, and immediately found myself in the usual vortex of Despatches and letters. At once I addressed myself to the work, and before night drew all my Despatches for the week, and some other notes. Besides which, in the evening I made great progress in the arrears of this Diary consequent upon the journey. There is nothing like solitude to show the results of continuous labor. I had a visit from Mr Scott Russell, who came to procure a further payment on the contract with Mr Armstrong. I surrendered to him all the remaining notes left in despite with me by Coll Ritchie, with the exception of one, No 5 for £1800 which I retrain as security for the little left yet unfinished. After the business was transacted, I casually enquired if he had heard from his friend Yeatman. He said No. He was still at Paris. From which it is plain to me that the intimacy is at an end. And Yeatman has discovered that he exceeded his commission.

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